Love vintage, but don’t want to fuss with used clothes? Take note. Today, there are loads of contemporary fashion brands that specialize in vintage-inspired clothes. Fashion is always about what’s new, but today we are considering the old—all things vintage to be exact.

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  1. Stop Staring!

This brand specialises in sexy vintage-inspired cocktail dresses from the 1940s and 1950s and dresses inspired by rockabilly and the silver screen. Their collection of 1940s-themed attire is a throwback to this tough and well-styled generation. From tea dresses to tailored skirt suits, their clothing highlights the details that made this clothing aesthetic so distinct and classic.


2. Collectiff

Collectif is a vintage reproduction brand in London that specializes in 1940s and 1950s fashions. They sell darling cherry print dresses, adorable hair barrettes, red petticoats and tons of curve-hugging dresses.


3. American Retro

This French brand aims to recreate the spirit of American second-hand stores, with a bohemian, over the top look. The brand offers more modern vintage shapes, like sleek, bold-colored 1960s-inspired coats and tops and pants covered in red lips.


4. Freddies of Pinewood

They make lots of different styles of jeans, overalls and dungarees – all old-fashioned non-stretch denim – as well as tops, knitwear (all for men and women) and even some wiggle dresses. This is durable and well-made workwear that will last as long as the originals.

5. What Katie Did

To go underneath your vintage style clothing, you’ll probably need some suitable underwear. What Katie Did is the world’s leading brand of vintage inspired lingerie. Selling retro underwear inspired by designs from the 1940s and 1950s, the patterns are often adapted from vintage pieces and so will sit beautifully under vintage styles.