#Eyebrow Game Strong, ever heard of that?
Its time to change the hashtag to #Eyebrow Game Light AF
(As Feather… you guys). Well yes you read that correct!

With the ever-revolving eyebrow fad, (bushy brows, bejeweled brows, muted brow, highline brow) the newest in trend is the “Feather Eyebrow”. That’s right!

Inadvertently started by a famous makeup artist Stella, the bizarre-looking brows are humbly trending and taking Insta by storm.

From what we see, to create a defined feather brow is a tedious process. With the use of tools like spoolies, brow comb and brow gel one can possibly achieve the look by parting brow upwards and downwards in symmetry. It may however get a little messy for first timers but who cares.

Here are three products that will help you get the look:

Faces Mascara and Eyebrow Brush    INR 246/-


NYX Cosmetics Micro Brow Pencil    INR 875/-


e.l.f. Clear Brow and Lash Mascara Crystal   INR 399/-

So please go ahead and explore your creative side with this crazy brow trend!