With @wherenwear we are striving to discover and celebrate thoughtful product journeys and simultaneously hope to encourage our readers to begin their own journey towards more #conscious choices. Through our personal journey of discovery, we are bringing forward stories and building a tree of choices that break stereotypes around #ethicalfashion. We present to you our first campaign #Choicesinchaos.

Featured here is a top by @thesummerhouse.in  and  Pants: @karghabysanchitaandsonal 

For #choicesinchaos, we would love to thank the amazing team that made it possible
Photographer: @daisy_fleabane
Models: @samee.taskin @s0phiya and@esther_mem
Makeup and hair: @makeup_makeitallup
Stylist: @glimpsesofrainbow
And a huge thank you to all the brands who supported us