The sustainable fashion industry is one where people come together to campaign for the conservation of our environment and help our traditional artisans by giving them a platform, a voice and a way of life.

Here, dignity is the standard set for all, not an exception. The Fashion Revolution Week is back once again for 2019, with a huge range of events across the world. This movement pushes for greater transparency and ethical manufacturing in the industry.

If you’re interested in getting involved and turning the fashion world around, we’ve put together our insights and ideas for you!

Are the ones #whomademyclothes safe?

Shoppers and fashion consumers are on a constant search for the next big trend to become ‘fashionable’, updating their wardrobes leading to more cheaply produced fashion. Who suffers in the production, supply and retailing of this? The garment makers, weavers, artisans, tailors, spinners, dyers, farmers, design pattern cutters and our Mother Earth – that’s who.

To ensure the safety and recognition of these ‘ones behind the curtain’, it’s essential to start looking at the true cost of our clothing. The Fashion Revolution movement, started back in 2013, provides a platform to urge brands to put worker welfare, safety and sustainability first – then only can they focus on the profit and benefits. The movement gives people easy tools to be curious, find a solution and do something about it!

Fashion Revolution Week ’19 – Everything you need to know

What – Fashion Revolution is the biggest global fashion movement with an aim to ensure a fairer and safer industry for people and the planet

When – 22nd to 28th April

Where – At present recognized in more than 100 countries worldwide, the movement continues on to create awareness and encourage people across the globe, while educating them about the actions they can take to shape the industry for the better

Why – Because six years after the tragedy in Bangladesh, the ones who make our clothes are still the poorest, most overworked and undervalued people in the world

Six years on – where are we headed?

We are ready to make some change with Fashion Revolution’s Letter to a brand template, which can be reposted, tagging the brand(s) we love, asking them to show us their supply chain and answer the BIG question – #WhoMadeMyClothes? This week gives us the opportunity to work together and make sure that nobody suffers for the clothing we wear.

How can WE make a difference?

Last year, approx. 3.25 million people took part during the week to ask, #WhoMadeMy Clothes? That question has already resulted in major change within the industry. Over and above donning the newest sustainable fashion brands, it’s important to question the ones who are unaware of their artisans’ conditions completely.

If you care, and you want the brands you spend my money with to care, too – here’s your chance. Take part in Fashion Revolution week this week to ask: Who made my clothes? – You’ll be surprised by the answer.

Our voices really do count. And it’s such a small action. All you need to do is join in!