In a time when everyday fashion is dominated by the millennial choice of casual & leisure wear, pajamas worn as streetwear or joggers worn to a party, it’s refreshing to go back to our classic trend of sleepwear for the home.

What’s better – you’re unknowingly changing the world with the clothes you sleep in!

Dandelion – The epitome of comfort

When we first came across the brand, we thought – ‘Nightwear has never been comfier!’

With all-cotton, comfortable sleepwear personalized to suit your personality, “Dandelion is a brand that merges function with refined beauty & delicacy and signifies strength”, in the words of the brand’s Founder, Samyukta Nair. She started out with Dandelion to address the need for comfortable, stylish sleepwear being available to Indian consumers. Although sleepwear is at a very nascent stage in the Indian fashion market, they throw light on the essentials of sleepwear with a unique, sustainable approach. Samyukta believes that the Indian woman will demand and deserve the same comfort enjoyed at a global stage by consumers.

You go, girl!

With the sole intention of bringing ease and catering to the needs of the women in India, Dandelion is all bit the right fit and style for a woman. Samyukta’s ultimate goal is for every woman to wear what’s most comforting for her, saying “I wanted to create a middle place that caters to the needs of the women. It’s not just sleepwear but also to lounge in style, you can wear them all day or night!” The brand scores big for girl power with inspirational icons like Sonam K Ahuja, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Swara Bhaskar donning the beautiful Dandelion prints in their latest film.

Stepping into Spring

Dandelion’s new Spring Summer 2019 collection titled ‘Step into Spring’ features an array of luxe sleepwear in a vibrant selection of prints solids and stripes. Inspired by the blossoming of the season, the collection is an ode to the spirit of the season and all things beautiful. “With spring just set in, I want to celebrate the onset of the brighter days ahead through our new collection and its lively elements”, says the Founder. The all-cotton and handcrafted line sleepwear have options for both women and men.

Ethical or Not?

Lastly,  talking about sustainable and ethical practices, this is what Samyukta had to say about the upward curve of sustainable fashion in India, ” We might be small compared to the global sustainable fashion industry, but we are steadily making headway. Now we are seeing a lot of brands picking up on the trend, is proof that sustainability is becoming mainstream. Finding sustainable solutions, may not be easy but we see a great endeavor from our country. Having one of the largest handmade creative economies, we are seeing an upswing in people leveraging it. Now consumers are more aware and opting for slow fashion cycles and pieces that are handcrafted and are more exclusive than just buying mass-produced garments. For example, Clove – our sister store and the only Dandelion stockist, we believe in promoting homegrown brands that support more sustainable and ethical values. “

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