Look good, feel good, do good – show the Earth some love, wear paper with love!

Earthy inspiration

Thoughtfully weaving eco-conscious decisions into the lifecycle of a piece of jewelry – that’s where the uniquely creative sustainable bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewels are born. When we talk about materials used in ethical jewelry making, paper is one of the most versatile ones that comes to mind.

Taking inspiration from the Earth, Papermelon is one such brand that traces the journey of a humbled piece of paper all the way from its previous life through its transformation into a wearable piece of art.

If you’re a conscious shopper or on the path to becoming one – this is sure to grab your attention:

What is the jewelry is made from? How and where was it made? How does it continue its life journey?

Papermelon answers these questions with eco-friendly solutions which are the foundation of its business. 

Waste to wonderful

Every step taken by Papermelon is done so keeping the practice of sustainability in mind and attention to the smallest detail. The cardboard boxes which carefully hold the jewelry pieces are handcrafted by the local artisans, plus are recyclable and reusable. The earring boards are made from reusable craft board as well!

Devi Chand, the founder of the brand, fashions pendants, earrings and other items from paper, including recycled newspaper. ?

Sharing her story, she says,

“I began using upcycled material to make jewellery as part of a project during my NIFT days. But the process soon had me hooked, and when I decided to set up my business, I followed the same path. Initially, I used a variety of materials, but soon stuck to fashioning earrings, neck pieces, bracelets and finger rings, all made of paper and cardboard.”


Top picks from Papermelon ?

Incredible India, Nostalgic Patterns, Geometric Play, Love Sparkles… All her collections have our heart, but we’ve listed some favorites as a sneak-peek into the colorful world of paper jewelry to get your interest piqued:


Sunday Comics Necklace

Source: Glossy newspaper

Collection: Nostalgic Patterns

Why we love it: Vibrant colors of comics – joy in a necklace!

Dazzling Love Earrings

Source: Paper beads

Collection: Love Sparkles

Why we love it: Pure love and comfort – a treat to wear

Plum Blossom Earrings

Source: Paper bags

Collection: Reincarnation

Why we love it: Old memories to new beginnings – well, why not?

Start stocking up, eco-shoppers! ?