Scrolling through pinterest don’t we promise ourselves all the time that we will wake 15 minutes early just to try this new fabulous look we just pinned.  We have all been there right until actually not keeping the promise.

Well-done hair definitely adds to your look, but that doesn’t mean you will have to spend hours blow drying and siting in front of a mirror to achieve that. But here’s the best part – you work look doesn’t have to boring anymore, because you can try these equally glamorous and stylish looks which take less than 10 minutes to do.



  1. Inside-out Ponytail – This is the easiest hairstyle to do. Just put your hair up in a regular ponytail, create a gap with your finger at the base of your pony where you tie it and flip your ponytail through it. There! You have a classic hair do.



2. Braided Ponytail – You will not believe how easy this is! Braid a thin section of your hair, put rest of your hair as a ponytail and wrap the pony with a braid.



3. Twirled Front – Now this one never goes out of style. There are various styles you can try with your hair, a regular pinned up twirl is a classic which you can take a notch higher by making it a tad bit messy but make sure to keep rest of your sleek to main the professional look.



4. Top French braid – Why not try French braiding your hair, starting with a heavy side part and taking a small section to French braid. This has been one of the trendiest looks so far. It might look a little tricky to start with but it once you learn how to do a French braid; it is a look you will want to try everyday.

So hopefully we have given you solutions to things, looking great and getting enough beauty sleep.  And please try these looks, it will not take you long and is bound to get second looks from the cuties at work.