Turning extras into something perfecta!

Redefining the age-old tagline of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, be a part of the transformation of waste into waves of beauty

“Upcycling means to repurpose and breathe new life into something forgotten.”

Think of old sweaters being unraveled and the yarn being refashioned into new ones, or scraps of fabric waste from car interiors being used to make handbags. Deadstock, otherwise known as a fabric that’s left over from the fashion industry, can also be used to make new clothing.

Simply put, upcycling refers to the of use pre-existing clothing, accessories or other items and restructuring of these items into new garments.

The benefits of upcycling are plenty – sustainable living, a cheaper wardrobe and your own unique crafty or chic look and style. (Yes, style – Do not for a minute think upcycling compromises on style!)

Upcycling is the haute new movement that has hit the Indian fashion-scape this year.

So, what can be upcycled?

Everything from buttons, brooches, marbles to skirts, shirts, bags, slippers to bottles, tables, doors and the list goes on!

Here are our top picks from the gigantic variety of products:

Turn Old Bulletin Boards = Jewellery Organizer

Wine & Champagne Corks = Plant Holders

Plastic Bottles = Vertical Plantation

Old Mugs, Bottles and Bowls = Light Fixtures

Old T-shirts = Quirky Skirt

Fabric Patches = Stylish and Crafty Bag or Skirt

Old Scarf and Simple Slippers = Stylish Flip Flops

At GREEN SHERPA, we are bringing our first ever upcycling booth!

You can upcycle your old clothes, your basics, your torn jeans, your plain jacket, flipflops……. get creative and make something new!

18th August, Moksh, Kathmandu, Nepal.