‘Good shoes take you good places!’

(Foot)steps in the right direction

Did someone say shoes? How can that help the environment?

If you’re wondering how this stylish element of your wardrobe can make a difference – you’re missing out on a large carbon footprint you can REMAKE. Ethical manufacturing in the footwear industry is a growing need of the hour. Designers and consumers reimagine footwear with a sustainable edge, inspiring purpose and the epitome of comfort.

As consumers of fashion, we hardly recognize the power of our voices and choices have to make a positive difference for the artisans who make our clothes every day. What we do or who we are can ensure they have fair wages and work in environmentally safe conditions.


To avoid the use of animal-derived product (usually leather and animal-based glue when it comes to shoes), vegan shoes are often made from oil-based synthetic materials such as PU and PVC.

Shoe production is, unfortunately, not spared from this toiling affair.


Fitting your life, comfortably

In our search for a fair-trade shoe manufacturing company, we came across the comfortable, lightweight and flexible Neemans, a brand which helps style meet comfort. Created with the purpose of saying goodbye to average for good and demand a change in the way we wear shoes, the brand is slowly revolutionizing the Indian shoe industry.

As the brand suggests, when it comes to perfect design and comfort, there’s no crazy technology or synthetic materials involved – just nature and thinking out of the box! Bringing benefits of Merino wool all the way from Australia, Neemans redefines shoes from pasture to foot.

Putting soul into sole

A lot of us let out a sigh of relief on feeling the comfort while taking off our shoes at the end of the day. Well, Neemans is a brand that lives up to its promise of comfort-wear all-season, all-day, everywhere. The comfort of these shoes is close to, if not entirely, the feeling of relief.

The wool used in crafting these shoes is not just a natural and sustainable material, but also breathable and temperature regulating. The shoes can, hence, be worn sock free and also make the feet feel fresh – the warm summers or cold winters – as they’re built to survive in extreme weather conditions.

Your ecological footprint – Making all the difference!

One pair of feet is all it takes to reimagine, remake, revive and reignite minds across the world to build awareness for sustainable footwear. The brand helps consumers establish an ecological footprint – which means, look good and make the planet look good too. Make a difference – it’s your sole purpose.

If you’re looking for stylish shoe brands that are founded on sustainable values and working hard on their environmental footprint, Neemans is an ideal pick for you to get started.

And guess what, in order to help you buy your perfect pair – Neemans lets you purchase without any shipping/exchange/return charges (within the first seven days) till you find the one you’re looking for!

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