Wear what you believe in.

After all, clothes do tell a story!


Artisans and Authenticity

The fashion industry today is fast-paced and continuously changing, where most clothes have a short lifespan and are made by workers in exploitative sweatshop condition.

With growing awareness about sustainable lifestyles, more and more shoppers are inclined towards handmade and organic products.  Artisans around the world struggle to preserve ancient traditions and techniques in a fast-paced, mechanized world.

The industry is beginning to rediscover the value of artisan work with respect to authenticity of the products. The more a product is visibly handcrafted, the more the product is attractive. Handmade means well-made and signifies an emotional involvement industrialized goods do not deliver.

The hands of artisans are the hands of fashion.


Artisans are Stitching the Stories for Sustainable Fashion Worldwide


Artisan products are wholly or partially made by hand. Think beautiful hand embroidery, knitted clothing, handmade leather bags and jewelry etc. Typically, the term is associated with clothing or accessories being produced in local communities in the developing world.

While artisan is sometimes associated with Fair-trade, there is no guarantee that the workers are treated well or paid fairly.

A fashion agent was asked to inspect the working conditions of artisans catering to a large brand.

His response – 

“These jumpers are knitted by 6000 Chinese grandmothers working from home. How can I audit all of their homes? It will take me years!”


How can we help the Artisans?

Fashion should not be seen as an investment rather shoppers must feel encouraged to go for ethical fashion clothes that directly benefit the weavers/ artisans. Handmade products are greatly enriched by the care and personal attention invested by the artisan behind their creation.

You can enrich your life with these products, while being inspired by the stories of the artisans who created them.

Every purchase you make contributes to the livelihood of an artisan family, while helping to ensure the survival of ancient artistic techniques that might otherwise be forgotten.


The team of Artisans at the Ethicus Studio

Brands We Love | Story of the Artisans of Purearth

Created on the principles of Equal, Ethical and Ecological, Purearth is an award-winning sustainable skincare and wellness brand rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. Most of their ingredients utilized to create the products are sourced from the Himalayas by women self-help groups.


‘Purepurpose’, an initiative by Purearth for its artisans


The proceeds are managed through their ‘Purepurpose Program’ allowing the producers to engage with urban markets on fair terms.

The program also enables each member to control her finances and earnings, making her income independent and choose how she wishes to spend her income, be it putting her girl child through secondary schooling or investing in livestock or farming. 

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Brands We Love | Story of the Artisans of Ethicus

As India’s first Eco-Logic and Sustainable Fashion Brand, Ethicus follows a philosophy of ‘Inclusive growth’, where all Ethicus products carry tags with the picture of the weaver on it. It also states his name and the number of days it took him/ her took to weave the product.

Other tags inform the customers about the ‘Ecologic project’ and recognize the effort of the cotton farmers. A tag also indicates the design story and the names of the designers or student interns who have worked on the project.


The philosophy of ‘Inclusive Growth’ followed by Ethicus

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