Online shopping for kids has exploded over the last few years, and today, there are several major players in the Indian kids’ wear market that are offering a fantastic variety to dress up your little one. But wait, are we setting the best example if we dress them in heavy, synthetic fibres embellished with the power to destroy our environment?

That’s where ‘Liz Jacob’ comes in. Liz Jacob

Identifying this gap, marketer turned designer Elizabeth Jacob adds the much-needed eco-friendliness with minimalist, elegant, artistic and handmade clothing for children, created using natural fabrics and artistic techniques.

Redefining kids-wear

You have to buy your niece a gift, fix up your daughter or son’s wardrobe or purchasing something for a friend or co-worker – what comes to your mind first? Does a handmade artisan product pop up? It should!

This amazing attitude of appreciating sustainable fashion is something not a lot of us have. The immense attention to detail, individualistic design and wonderful story a garment created by your local artisan is far more precious a gift than any regular brand’s newest collection. An evolved sense of design and fashion is what will attract a shopper to Liz Jacob’s clothing which is handmade, with love.

Born out of a need

Dynamic markets with fast-paced, trend-based lifestyles have driven parents to become conscious about everything including the aesthetics and quality of the clothing they purchase for their little ones. The most important criteria in their mind is safety from rashes/abrasions and toxic paints used in creating the piece of clothing.

Considering this issue and facing it first-hand, a Bangalore-based designer’s inspiration came from her quest for a trustworthy clothing line offering good quality, fair-trade goods for the kids. Elizabeth Jacob, a mum, marketer turned entrepreneur, used her skills of hand painting to create fun filled apparels for kids. This also made her dream of building a brand come true!

Betting big on the little ones

Sustainability is the newest buzzword in the global fashion scene today. Homegrown, ethical brands are giving international players a run for their money. Among shoppers, parents who are looking for more than just colour, design and fit are winning the race in the future!

Your kids may not appreciate or even understand this at a young age, but you’ll know you’ve gone the extra mile to give your child the best. As they grow older, they’ll look back and feel special, loved and treasured by you.

About Liz Jacob

Launched in 2014, Elizabeth Jacob’s clothing line is fun, elegance and artistic marrying techniques of sustainability, setting itself apart from other apparel brands. The value and exclusivity a consumer will feel while buying their little one a garment from Liz Jacob is nothing less than magical. Hand block printing, screen printing, hand embroidery over pure cotton is weaving a new mindset for kids up to 6 years of age. She also brings in current trends and funny characters to add the quirks for customers!

This revolutionary mom-preneur has surely inspired us! What about you?

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