A love story that begins from childhood and lasts forever, chocolate is something we loved diving into (pun intended) with an ethical and eco-friendly state of mind.


Chocolate is Love

Fine quality chocolate, tasting the flavour and texture in every bite, relishing the richness… Wandering off to Switzerland? Or France?

Well, you need to land back here because artisanal chocolate has finally found a home in our country, and we couldn’t be more excited!! Rightfully known as the food of the Gods, we’re here to make sure God’s own land is preserved in the process of consuming this food.

The ART in artisanal chocolate 

Over the years, chocolatiers have experimented with different flavours and ingredients to give our traditionally loved chocolate an all-new gourmet avatar. More commonly known as artisanal chocolate, this product is getting unbelievably creative as they infuse it with experiments.

Our destressing food, therapeutic element and favourite obsession all in ONE big bar of magical chocolate.

This delectable selection is guaranteed to leave your minds boggled and tongues salivating!



With connections to the magical world, they believe in making chocolate more experimental. The ever-so-cute encasing is in line with their motto to ‘celebrate art in everyday life’ and narrates the story behind each bar. Summer alphonso love, winters with marshmallows, charms of Jaipur and more, they are a feast for ‘em taste buds as well as our eyes!

Flavours we love: All Things Monday (granola) & All Things Barcelona (sangria)

To buy, visit: https://m.facebook.com/allthingschocolates/


Handpicked selections offering fine Belgian chocolate in 5 exquisite flavors- Red Rice Crackle, Roasted Coffee Bean, Almond Currant & Maldon Sea Salt Hazelnut, Fig & Orange and Pumpkin Seed & Candied Chilly Rocky Road! Smitten yet?

Flavours we love: Candied Chilli & Rocky Road

To buy, visit: https://m.facebook.com/smittenbakery1/


Chillies and chikki, flavours of tea and even pink salt or coffee beans – sourced from different regions make for the most eclectic bars of chocolate. Get yourself some much-needed chocolate therapy infused with exotic ingredients.

Flavours we love: Zereshk Berry, inspired by Britannia Café’s Berry Pulao

To buy, visit: https://www.instagram.com/beantherapy/?hl=en



One of the first to use organically certified Indian cocoa beans as a bean-to-bar maker, their exquisite combinations range from jackfruit+blackpepper, capsicum+chilli and coffee+pineapple to mango, coconut and ginger blends.


Flavours we love: Chai Masala Bon-bons

To buy, visit: https://earthloaf.co.in/


A pioneer in quality local chocolate made from scratch, the ingredients are sourced from southern India, slow-roasted and stone ground in batches, before being turned into the magnificent bars. The chocolates are seductively rich, with a creamy, tasteful experience – as their chocolate wizard describes them!


Flavours we love: Peppermint & Salted Almond

To buy, visit: https://www.indahchocolate.com/


They say, “Always have dessert first” – we say, “Always have chocolate first!”

Have a choco-filled day!