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The Collage Story

Mumbai isn’t a very easy, spacious or clean city to live in. But when you actually take a closer look, there are a couple of lessons you can learn about it – economical, adaptable, multi-taskers, resourceful and creative.

A floating staircase, mini-library and in-house lift among other attractions, this home is a combination of old and new built with minimalism at its best.?

Overall view from street. The Collage House, Navi Mumbai, India. Architect: SP+S Architects , 2016.

How is it sustainable?

Old doors and windows, antique wooden columns and metal drain pipes give this house an aesthetic look like no other building in the city. Ad-hoc buildings inspired the architects to use scrap materials in their design, with a vision to promote an alternative approach to recycling. In one of these guest bedrooms, the lamps are made from papier mache – stunning, isn’t it?!

A roof terrace shelters this home with a lightweight, steel and glass pavilion, topped with solar panels of course. It is decorated with 100-year-old columns removed from an old, dismantled house in Cochin. Imagine sitting under a pavilion-like roof, enjoying impeccable views over the city’s landscape – heavenly, right?

Decorating the enclosures with chain link mesh to provide an illusion of open space – amazing. The water features are regulated with rainwater and recycled measures.

Some would think the interior decor can get affected by this approach. It’s quite the opposite. A show-stopping piece of wall art made using vintage sari printing patterns from all over the country put the guests into a daze of admiration. The beds are fashioned from century-old pillars and old photo frames. Talk about putting the old and wasted to good use!

Is it expensive to build a sustainable home?

The architects admit that building a home like this may not be expensive, but it isn’t ‘cheap’ either. A majority of the cost goes into the labor required for a project like this – but it also serves artisans and craftsmen.

Living in homes that don’t add to the troubles of mother earth, while creating a beautiful place is just the hidden message conveyed here.

If this story inspired you, you’re going to absolutely LOVE these snippets of the home!