The fashion industry is finally waking up to sustainability – but the consumers of environmentally friendly alternatives have their apprehensions and inaccuracy regarding ethical fashion.


If you’re reading this and are in the same dilemma, let’s break down the mind-boggling dictionary of sustainable fashion with some quick and easy alternatives to replace your everyday products.

Transform into Trendsetters ?

Mother Earth has been the kindest host to us with the resources available to us. It’s our responsibility to clean the mess up! With the wave of sustainability transforming our daily lives, we are directly influencing our mini worlds on this planet by the choices we make. Let’s make them wisely.


The price tag issue

Busting the myth of sustainable living being expensive, it becomes easy when you’re being mindful about nature. Shopping, living and purchasing sustainably doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag if you alter your lifestyle and work with your existing products. If your approach includes alternatives and the presence of an eco-friendly mind, you’ll not only save a lot but also spend wisely.


Going plastic-free

Are you convinced yet? If not, imagine this –

Plastic, in every corner of your house, your office, your life. If you were to start living a life plastic-free, you’d probably be stuck in your bathroom the first thing in the morning!

To cut it short and simplify the fact, plastic doesn’t decompose naturally. Such waste takes almost 1000 years to fully break down in landfills. Shouldn’t we, in this case, reduce our consumption of plastic products and move on to a more sustainable future? We should.


Make the switch ?

Bamboo toothbrushes

Shop Bamboo Toothbrush from Bare Necessities

Good old fashion soap bars!

Handmade and Natural soap bars from Né Nepal.

Stainless steel/glass water bottles


Guilt-free coffee tumblers

Reusable  bags

Redefining cutlery

Steel/paper straws

Would you try this?

Share your story with us and inspire a fellow eco-thinker ?