Sustainability and Fashion in India

Months after you bought a perky summer dress, it is either falling apart at the seams or sitting in the back of your closet, forgotten. What if your clothes are made using ethical, long-lasting and didn’t harm animals?

You could cherish it in your closet for years together!

 Whether you’re a seasonal ethical shopper or not, these brands are sure to inspire you to re-visit!


Based In | New Delhi, India

Best For | Up-cycling Wasted Fabric

Product Range | Clothing for Women & Men, Accessories, Home Decor

Turning up-cycling into a bold new statement, founder Kriti Tula is on a mission to make each product exclusive and unique by up-cycling wasted fabrics and using eco-friendly fabrics made with banana, cotton, and corn. Imagine being the fashion symbol of such innovativeness!


Based In | Tamil Nadu, India

Best For | Aiding Cotton Farmers & Inclusive Growth

Product Range | Traditional Clothing

Approaching the concept of Farm to Fashion as India’s first ecologic and sustainable fashion brand, each product is a handcrafted masterpiece and every design follows a theme and tells a story. What’s more interesting is each product carries a tag with the picture and name of the weaver who created it!



Based In | Mumbai and Jodhpur, India

Best For | Artisan Stories & Undiscovered Talent

Product Range | Clothing for Women & Kids, Home Decor, Accessories

Inspired by her background in the social sector, Ramona Saboo started her label as a newly-wed bride to grow and evolve it into a lifestyle design house in Mumbai. The brand celebrates the marriage of sustainability and design while outsourcing to artisan groups to produce one-of-a-kind designs.



Based In | Pune, India

Best For | Ingredients procured from the Himalayas & Women Self-Help Groups

Product Range | Facial and Body Skincare for Women & Men

Built on values of ethics, ecology, and equality (in valuing the ingredients, maker and you) and rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, Purearth believes caring for your skin is ‘an act of love’. This artisanal skincare and wellness brand does not use chemicals, synthetic colors or additives and still provides you with a beautiful range of products to protect your skin.




Based In | Goa, India

Best For | Organic Cotton & Fair-trade Clothing

Product Range | Clothing for Women, Men & Kids, Accessories

The brand is on a mission to create 100% cotton, 100% fair-trade fashion in India. No Nasties believes in growing organic seeds on fair trade farms where synthetic pesticides and GMOs have no room – essentially, No Nasty Methods!