Are you sick of hearing people say “You’re fat!” and “This will make you look more fat, don’t wear this!”

Well, I think you should ignore them all!

You maybe fat, you maybe curvy but you can be fashionable too

Because fashion has no size!


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Wear the things you love and flaunt it, don’t let your size be the problem!

Read on to find few styles for curvy women we love


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  1. A perfect summer daytime look, a cute dress paired with a denim jacket and to complete it a pair of sneakers preferably something bright!

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2. Go Stylish with a vibrant a-line skirt and a pastel top tucked in.


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3. To nail that perfect professional look, pick some dark shades and prints


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4. Dark and fitting jeans are way to go casual or maybe for a professional look too.


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5. Maxi Dresses with a belt or maybe a denim vest is way to go


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6. For a day out, a printed hi-lo dress with boots can be a fun look.


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7. To get that perfect evening look, try a simple and short dress and throw in a cardigan if you want!


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You can carry any style you wish to as long as you are confident in what you wear!