My sister’s wedding is right around the corner and being the bride’s sister is not an easy task. Well, managing the wedding functions and handling tantrums of your sister who is suddenly an over-controlling bride are not the most difficult of tasks. The most difficult task is finding the right Indian outfits that don’t make you cringe at your curves but let you flatter them.

Yes, the day of your sister’s wedding was finalized, you made all the efforts to lose those extra kilos and you must have lost a lot of them but let’s be realistic you haven’t lost all your curves and neither did I. Here are seven tips you can try to be the gorgeous one with all the curves and handles.


  1. Pick a full flare lehenga with embroidery limited to the hem or more work on the flary area.
  2. Choose fabrics that are flowy like georgette. Yes, we love raw silk too but they don’t help instead they make you look bulky because the fabric tends to be stiff.

3. When deciding on a blouse, avoid contrasting colors. Stick to one color tone! Make them such that they end right at your waist. Keep your sleeves tight and three quarter or make it slightly sexy with semi sheer fabrics like net or georgette.

4. One trick you mustn’t forget is high necklines is a no-no. It makes you look busty! So, keep your necklines wide and low, it will not only make you look lighter on top but add an inch of sexiness to your outfit.

5. If you are going for something printed or embroidered, prefer smaller patterns over larger ones. Make sure they look scattered evenly around your outfit so it doesn’t look too plain.

6. Jewelry is important too! Wear chunky earrings as they will grab attention to your face, let your necklaces be delicate instead of chunky ones.

7. Drape your dupatta in a way that it covers your fronts maybe saree style should be your way to go.

Hope the tips help you be the star that you are! Keep loving those curves, some people are trying too hard to get them. Let us know if you have any other tips that can help us look better!