Just like a cupboard full of clothes and still nothing to wear, the statement works the same with makeup – A bag full of makeup products and still can’t decide what to wear?

We got your back!

Filtering to ‘Makeup Minimals’ will change the way you feel about your makeup.

First, up girls, we need to clean, clear and lighten our makeup baggage. We all tend to hoard our favorite makeup products even if we don’t use it or even more if they are limited editions. You need to detach from your makeup loves and filter for essentials.

Having a set of good and well-kept products certainly makes life easier especially during last minute dilemmas and urgencies. We have put together a few steps that will help you eliminate the bad apples from the makeup stock in your closet.

Please note it has been a personal journey of elimination that brings us to write this for you all.

Step 1 – Spread all your products on your bed/ sheet where you can see each product.

Step 2 – Pick each product and reflect on how old or for how long have you been hoarding it. (Each product has its own life). Keep the old products aside.

Step 3 –Now pick the products from the spread that you don’t use or haven’t used for more than 8 months and make a separate section for these products.

Step 4 – The un- sectioned products are the ones that go back into your closet (you may also make a section for the products you don’t like from this).

Step 5 – The most important and courageous step of all, pick all the old products and DUMP and pick all the unused products and DONATE. You may take a shot of tequila after !

Step 6 – Take a pouch/ bag and place one of each basic product (one Kajal, lip color, blush, eyebrow shaper, liner, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, and contour) so you have a good set that is well placed and can be carried around anytime and anywhere.

VOILA !!– Go ahead and do it and write to us for any emotions that you may want to share with us.