Are you wearing the right bra for your body type? Every woman is different and has a different body type. But are standard bra sizes that the shopkeeper tells you, the answer to getting the right silhouette and a bra that supports your needs? Purchasing a bra is not an easy matter and requires proper thought and observation. In a recent research it was found that almost 80% of women wear the wrong bra size. Well, don’t be surprised; many of us have got it wrong.


So you must be wondering my bra feels all right? Why does it make a difference? It does! Not only will the right bra give you a good body shape, it will make your waistline look smaller.
To begin with here are few questions you need to ask yourself:

• Is your bra comfortable?
• Do your straps leave a mark on your shoulders?
• Does your bra feel a bit tight sometimes?
• Does the back of your bra ride up?
• Does the cup of your bra sit flatly on your body?
• Does your underwire poke you?

Answering these questions must have already given you a hint of what could be wrong with your bra. Here is how a perfect bra should fit you!

• The back strap of your bra should come between your elbow and your shoulder.

• Loosen your strap if they are leaving a mark on your shoulders. Adjust it until your breasts are supported naturally. Your bra strap should move an inch only.

• Your bra is too loose for you if the back is riding up. The back should always be on the same level as the front.
• Your bra leaving a mark on your shoulder? Well, that’s because it’s too tight. Your back band should have an inch’s gap when pulled.

• If your bra doesn’t sit flatly on your body then it is most likely causing an unlikely bulge on your body.

• Your underwire is poking you because your bra is too tight. Essentially, the wire should sit below your breasts and sit flat against your body.

So start by going to your nearest lingerie store and getting yourself measured by an experienced professional, who can guide on what size and style works best with your body type. Spend some time trying these bras on to find that fits your body perfectly. A good quality bra might cost a bit more than you would expect but don’t let that get to you, because a good bra will give your body a shape that you cant imagine and will make you feel more confident then ever before.

Don’t believe us? Give it shot!