Green Sherpa

Green Sherpa, an initiative by Where n Wear  

Nepal as a country has been practicing sustainability in its own right for years.

From using natural plates made of salt leaves known as Tapari to using Reetha and Shikakai herbs as a shampoo to the natural Dhaka fiber there are numerous instances. In the last few years with growing awareness encouragement of conscious choices, more organizations/companies, and small businesses are compelled to take a more ethical route. Though we have a very long way to go,  it’s never too soon to celebrate what we have accomplished so far.

Sustainable living and ethical choices are at the heart of our event,
Green Sherpa. We hope to inspire, inform and engage our visitors towards making more environmentally friendly decisions.

This event includes: –
– Our panel discussion brings together various professionals and thought leaders of Nepal who have contributed to the changing mindset of the country.

– Activities that allow people to experience our most important takeaways Reuse, Recycle and Upcycled firsthand.

– Creative installations by students from schools around Kathmandu Valley depicting what sustainability means to them.

– Curating sustainable brands from around Nepal to create an immersive and exciting shopping experience.

– Choicest selection of wholesome food and drink along with some soulful music by an upcoming band.

Location: Moksh Resturant, Jhamsikhel
Time: 11-6