Look What Happened is a branding and design studio based in India which bridges the gap between branding and visual arts. Their products include stationery items like notebooks and diaries which are really cool and quirky.

We got the opportunity to chat with the founder Aadhunika, who started this company at the young age of 21.

Diary-INR 249/-

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 What made you start your own business?

I belong to a typical North Indian – business oriented family. But that’s just partially a reason why I chose to startup a business than to opt for a job.

I have always been creatively inclined and after pursuing a BA Hons in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising, I went on to do a Diploma in Graphic Design. However, a ‘Graphic Designer’ on my career profile wasn’t my ultimate goal. I decided to build a platform through a brand/organization that involved my expertise of Branding & Design to come together as a unit.

I wanted to turn my skill into a more tangible business opportunity.

Cocktail Stirrer (51 pieces) -INR 1499/-

Has it been difficult being so young and making people take you seriously?

I think this is a rhetorical in a way. We all know this, unfortunately it is difficult each day to prove a point at a young age in a business scenario more importantly to be a female in a business or a decision making environment that is dominated with men.

What are the challenges you face?

Design is a challenge. There are no set rules in my business – no right or wrong, while it might look like an advantage as freedom of creativity to exploit. But “will people buy it?” It’s a risk more than a challenge!

Napkin holder-INR 549/-

How did you think of this brand? / Where did you get the inspiration?

I look at design as a moving entity. I noticed the gap between design and daily lifestyle objects; thereafter decided to bridge this gap of the two, in India.

How did you think of such a quirky name?

Ahh! I get asked this all the time. So it started with a hashtag that I used for all my Instagram posts – #LookWhatHappened and unexpectedly my friends & followers started to recognize me with this hashtag. So, when I got down to deciding the name I knew this was going to be a hit with my audience.

Coasters- INR 449/-

What do you think is the USP of your products ?

With our products we try to touch personalities. If you notice every product has an impact with either the design or a message on it. The moment for instance a notebook says “Girlboss” it creates an aspirational value around it that a girl wants to pick and have it on her desk everyday and I think that’s where our USP lies.

Do you look up to anyone?

I look up to my father more than anyone else. He’s my spine, my support system – If I have him, I stand. If I don’t? SNAP! I fall. He’s the kind of risk taker I strive to be.

Coffee mugs (4)- INR 1000/-

Any tips for young female entrepreneurs?

“You can’t expect someone to take you seriously by asking for them to take you seriously. You’ve got to wake up, show up and own it. Who cares if it’s a man’s world? You know who run the world? GIRLS.”

Look What Happened products are available online on Amazon.in, Amazon.com, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Scootsy, Propshop24 to name a few & premium stationery and lifestyle stores across India.