We’ve been out of action for a while but are back with so much more to keep you fashionably conscious and informed! After all, trends now don’t directly translate from the ramp to consumers. If they did, we’d all be wearing the same clothes! Here’s our take on the latest trends in the market.

Green is the new black!

Rediscovering our hidden treasures of scrap-to-fab has increased the number of diverse methods to utilize clothing. Whether our clothes are recycled into new textiles or upcycled into contemporary designs, it’s crucial that we choose biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly fabrics, like organic cotton, hemp, jute, and silk, in the long term.

Preserving the old & bringing in the new

We’ve all seen the #10yearchallenge and this shift to sustainable has definitely come a long way! Going by the popular saying, ‘out with the old and in with the new’, we’re all waiting for the next new thing that pops out of the sustainable fashion hat in India. Although what goes around comes around, especially in fashion, with our designers breaking the fair-trade ceiling, you can just imagine how far we’re set to go.

Newest treasures for the conscious consumer of fashion

Where N Wear’s relationship with the sustainable fashion & fair-trade world has been a long and intimate one. From iconic conscious standalone collections to sustainable fashion designers that showcase ethically beautiful treasures, here are some that have caught our eye in recent times.

House of Wandering Silk

Working with marginalized women producers & artisans in Asia to showcase collections which uphold much bigger values like supporting the locals, promoting indigenous craft & eco-friendly practices.

Ba Na Batwo

Giving a new meaning to ‘best out of waste’, they call themselves the modern-day rag picker and design jewelry, bags, wallets & stationery from waste materials in an attempt to redefine fashion.

Brown Boy

Goes by the philosophy of 100% fair trade certified cotton for all its products & provides numerous employee benefits to all artisans like free schooling, house rent, pension funds, etc.


All the way from London to Pune, they focus on a Heart to Haat project to come up with innovative waste management. For example – fabrics out of onion sacks, wool & ribbon, jackets from plastic bags and jewelry from an old chandelier!


Reintroducing the classics through modern weaves and textiles in India, they develop sustainable creations which are elementary, simple and elegant.


Where N Wear’s April Mantra & Fair-trend – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repeat!