In the season of tan lines and bikini tops, your skin goes for a toss. Now that summers over, we have picked out some of the best products for your skin which will take it back to it true radiance and bring it back from summer rehab.


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Dry Lips

We’re all familiar with the dry, cracked lips of winter. But too much sun and dehydration can leave lips rough, which is not ideal for wearing lipstick. To prevent dry, chapped lips, drink more water and apply SPF-infused lip balm.

Cracked Feet

All the time you spent lying outside, and those cute sandals that left your feet exposed to the sun are to blame for dry, cracked feet by summer’s end. Open-backed sandals and flip flops are the main culprit for causing cracked heels as the material on the shoe rubs around the edge of the heel. To make you ankles smooth as before we recommend Vasline Petroleum Jelly.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Look for moisturizers and serums that contain retinol, glycolic acid, or hyaluronic acid which smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.


In an ideal world, we would apply (and re-apply!) sunscreen every 80 minutes while wearing protective clothing and hats, and avoiding the sun from 10 AM – 2 PM. But when you’re having fun in the sunshine, it’s easy to forget! If you do end up with a sunburn, try cool compresses to reduce heat in the skin followed by a moisturizer containing ceramides, aloe vera, glycerin or oatmeal.