It’s time that we address the elephant in the room, “Feminism.” There is so much discussion and arguments everywhere on the Internet, at your workplace and anywhere else. Some live in denial of being one, some admit it openly and some believe in it but don’t wish to admit to being a feminist. If you are a feminist, we give you 4 reasons why you are cool and should be proud.


  1. To begin with you don’t think you are different just because you are a woman. All you believe is that there shouldn’t be any gender discrimination and both men and women need to have equal rights.

2. You really don’t hate men, you just hate the idiots who are misogynists, creep and all in all think sexism is okay in today’s world and time. Let’s just be clear that being a feminist is not equivalent to hating men, it is just that you don’t think that any man is above you or has some superiority over you. Yes, let’s just admit one thing, men and women balance each other and there is no harm in appreciating one another. Every human or every being in the world should be appreciated and that’s that!

3.  You think you are powerful and intelligent and want to do things in your own little way without being told what you can and cannot do because you are a woman. You just choose the way you live your life and why not? You just want to embrace and experience the good and the bad on your own.

4. Lastly, you are just tired of explaining to people that feminism isn’t a bad word. You don’t spew hate because you are a feminist. You just want equality and want to do what you feel like and you don’t understand why you should be denied any of that.

Yes, it is just a belief and a very important one that. So, keep your head high and be proud that you are a force and part of this amazing movement towards making the world full of love and peace.